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Foggy Forest

The Story of Grow 5

Founded in 2022

Modern agriculture  has the potential to create a planet wide ecological  catastrophe.
If soils continue to be degraded at the current rate worldwide  the lack of food will result in death of  human population on 90%  if agriculture technologies will be do not changed.
Human civilization has already been through the same levels of catastrophes in the past.

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Tomatillo Plant

Vertically Integrated Farming

Time for Change

VIF is a large agricultural system, with complex  growing  systems utilizing various agricultural products (plants and animals)  with complete or partial food  processing. The system uses only organic products and technologies with maximum attention to soil fertility, ecology .
The ongoing improvements to the soil fertility level (key  principle of VIF)  and attention to ecology will provide the best quality of the agricultural products.
Integration of waste products from the various onsite  crops , animals and processing facilities will provide the maximum profitability of VIF and also secure food independence for the surrounding region .

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